We are with you in all walks of life:

At Home

At Work

On Holiday

We Listen

Each client’s well-being journey starts with a FREE no obligation consultation.  You explain your goals and needs, and we will determine how we can help you.

We are bespoke

We are bespoke because you are unique. We understand that your needs, abilities and circumstances are individual. We lean upon our expertise and experience to create a personalised package that is both effective and manageable. We will create a programme to FIT YOU in every way.

We create flexible programmes

We believe in achievable goals, so we work closely with you to create a flexible programme to fit your work/life schedule and budget. We are stubborn about your goals, but flexible about the methods. We offer short and long term packages that consist of various physical and mental wellbeing services.

We empower you

We empower YOU to take control of your wellbeing life journey. Our approach is not about quick-fixes.  We train you in practises, support and encourage you so that you have the tools to build a healthier way of life and become self-supporting.

We support you

We are invested in YOU and we genuinely want to help improve your wellbeing, health and happiness. Because of this, we are generous in the support that we provide. Our support channels include one-to-one sessions, regular check-ins, mentoring and program reviews, to assist you in your wellbeing journey. Your goals are set, and we are here to help you achieve them.


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How we work

  1. Book a Free No Obligation Consultation with Nid or Molly
  2. We discuss your goals, challenges and needs.  This includes physical, mental, spiritual, time, space and money. 
  3. We agree the right package for you :
  • It may be an At Home package that we already sell
  • Tailored package just to you.
  • Existing Workplace Wellbeing Workshop or Courses. 
  • Retreat package
  1. We check in on on you throughout your package to ensure it works for you. 
  2. At the end we review and agree if further packages are right for you. 

What our clients say about us

  • "Transformational" teachers
  • Fun and easy style
  • Know their anatomy
  • You "learn what proper movement is"
  • "Positive, grounded and kind"
  • "Tailored to my problems and very useful"
  • "Focused on clients' wellbeing in a way that it is unparalleled"
  • "Designed a complete body workout for me which is achievable."
  • "Restorative and inspiring experience"

Client Case Studies


Approach for wellbeing at work events to structure and design variety of wellbeing workshops, classes and tasters. Often help source third parties for delivery and we deliver our co-teach workshops. 


Raffi for neck issues/ Kostas for spinal issues/ Yoga therapy??



KNOTTY  - Pre-retreat call, private on retreat and post-retreat follow up into Intuition Coaching