ALL CLIENT Terms & Conditions

1. Values. We ask you to respect Omega Movement’s Values.  If your teacher or Omega Movement is concerned that you are not abiding by these Values you may be asked to leave a session.  If you do not consider that your teacher is upholding Omega Movement’s Values, please contact Omega Movement to discuss. 

2. Your Physical Activity Readiness. Before you can attend any session with Omega Movement you must complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ). This will be provided at your first session.  If you have any medical conditions not suitable for exercise then you may be refused to take part in the session without a medical certificate presented on attendance. These include: 

  • A heart condition where a doctor recommended only medically supervised activity. 
  • Experienced chest pain brought on by physical activity 
  • Developed chest pain in the last month 
  • Loss of consciousness or fall over as a result of dizziness 
  • Bone or joint problems that could be aggravated by the proposed physical activity 
  • Been recommended medication for your blood pressure or a heart condition 
  • Any other advice or reason why you should not exercise without medical supervision 
  • Currently pregnant or were pregnant in the last six (6) months 
  • A prolapsed disc or disc bulge 

3. General Terms. These terms and conditions are governed by English law and you and Omega Movement Limited, registered in England & Wales (No. 09500445) at 158 Arnold Road, London, N15 4JH, United Kingdom, and .agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in the event of any dispute.


4A. Payment. You will pay for your sessions in advance of attendance either using our online booking service or in cash at the session. If you purchase a session pack the sessions will automatically be deducted from your session pack credits.

5A. Session packs last for one calendar month from the date of purchase. If you have a session pack & for some unexpected reason cannot attend for over one month, please contact Omega Movement to discuss the option to extend your  session pack which shall be at Omega Movement’s sole discretion. 

6A. Cancellations. We get that things happen & you may need to cancel your session. 

(i) Early Cancel: You can cancel your session up to 12 hours in advance of your session start time. If you paid by a session pack your session will be credited to your account. If you paid a drop in by credit/debit card, the session will be credited to your Omega Movement account & will be valid for 1 month from purchase date. 

(ii) Late Cancel: If you cancel your session with less than 12 hours of your session start time you will not be credited the session or refunded any money.  Sessions are non-transferrable.  This includes if you get lost on your way to the locations. 

7ASign In. You must sign in with your teacher prior to the session start time to avoid being treated as a late cancellation or your place being offered to a ‘waitlist’ attendee. It is at the teacher’s discretion whether you shall be admitted if you are over 5 minutes after the session start time. 

Private Client Terms & Conditions

4B. Payment. You will pay for your session(s) in advance or at the start of the session.  You can pay by cash, cheque, paypal or bank transfer. Please ask for payment details for bank transfer or cheque. 

5B. Block Bookings. Any block bookings must be paid in full and in advance of all the sessions (but dates can be arranged later). We will send you a reminder when your block booking is about to expire to confirm if you want more sessions & the payment amount due. If you have a block booking but for some unexpected reason you cannot attend for over one month, please let us know and we will arrange to repay you for any unused sessions, or arrange with you to keep them for a later date.

6B. Studio Bookings. Private sessions taking place in third party studios are subject to additional hire charges which shall be confirmed to you prior to booking. 

7B. Cancellations: We get that things happen & you may need to cancel your session.

(i) You will be charged the full fee for the session if you cancel with less than 12 hours notice. We will try to accommodate change dates where over 12 hours notice is given. 

(ii) Private sessions in a studio/club shall require over 24 hours notice or else you shall be charged for the studio hire charge. 

Corporate Clients Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions will be sent to the appointed person in the company prior to commencing our services. Where group sessions are paid for by the individual staff, a PARQ will be provided with the terms specific to the group. 

Retreat Clients Terms & Conditions

 Please see our specific Retreat Terms & Conditions page. 

Website Terms & Conditions

We respect intellectual property laws (danger of having a lawyer on our team!) and have invested a lot of time and creativity into creating our brand and images. Please do not use our logo, photographs or wording without obtaining our express permission us first, so please contact us.  All use must attribute back to us "[© or TM] 2014 by Omega Movement Limited" and if online please include a hyperlink back to our website.